We work in the sector of Renewable Energy Sources and we provide to both national and international clients a variety of services, including consulting, planning and project development. We strictly follow up the licensing procedure of a RES project from the beginning till the final delivery of the installation license to the investor. Our services include the acquisition of all the licenses required for the effective implementation of Wind, Hydroelectric and PV projects, as well as the preparation and submission of applications for obtaining state financial support for RES projects.

Our activities cover a wide range of professional works requiring experience and analytical approach aiming always at the client’s satisfaction.

In particular, we undertake the following tasks:

  • Investigation of proper locations for the project implementation
  • Wind measurements and wind and energy studies. Evaluation of an investment plan based on production data.
  • Preparation and submission of applications for acquiring Production and Installation Licenses and any required building and construction permission from the relevant authorities (Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and Local authorities).
  • Project planning depending on equipment’s technical specifications and investment’s land-planning requirements.
  • Business plans and Technical and Financial evaluation of an investment.
  • Environmental licensing and studies
  • RES project management
  • Negotiations with the land owners
  • Public relations with the local authorities and communities

Recently, our activities are spread in the field of “green” buildings and building’s energy efficiency. Our office supports and provides the following services:

  • Building’s energy management
  • Feasibility studies for implementing the energy saving plans on the buildings sector.
  • Business plan and technical and financial evaluation of energy saving investments.
  • Technical studies and PV systems dimensioning for energy saving on buildings.